Today we own bicycles, motorcycles, hybrids and fully electric cars which are charged on the grid. Thanks to our great expertise in the field of electric mobility, we can advise you as a customer in all areas, from the bicycle socket to the quick charging station. A charging station, also known as a wallbox, which we install at your car park can be connected to your electricity meter or to a separate electricity meter. Ask us for a consultation at your location. For industrial companies or apartment buildings, load management or a central billing system may be necessary. Because property management companies and floor owners may have a need for central billing. We are familiar with the offers of various providers and can therefore advise you independently.

Think also of the combination of your charging station with the in-house photovoltaic system. This way you can charge your vehicle ecologically and Co2 neutral with the solar power you produce yourself. This turns electric mobility into ecological driving fun.

Think also of Wireless LAN in connection with charging stations. Many of the modern electric vehicles, so-called EV’s need WLAN for software updates of the manufacturers. In most underground garages made of reinforced concrete or in garage boxes made of sheet steel, WLAN, LTE, 4G or now 5G is not available. We make your underground car park WiFi-capable and thus help your vehicle to get the latest firmware update.

Ask Argiro Elektro GmbH about the different charging systems and the different plug systems. From Sleep and Charge to Espresso and Charge, no matter if CCS, ChAdeMO, Type1 or Type2, we know possible charging stations and the necessary current strengths.

It is not always necessary to install a wallbox with 22Kilowatt. It is also important for us to know what kind of vehicle should be connected and charged. Do you need three-phase current or would you like to charge single-phase. Talk to our specialists and avoid problems with the power station.

Our technicians can also help you with a defective wallbox or a defective type 2 plug. We have spare parts and can replace most types of plugs at your site.