Like your car, your electrical installation requires a inspection, which is prescribed by law.  Unlike with a vehicle, the inspection is not carried out by an official body, you can decide yourself who carries out the inspection for you.

In residential buildings the electrical inspection is prescribed every 20 years. For all other buildings and properties the check is prescribed every 10 years. 

Special facilities such as medically used rooms, farms, schools, kindergartens, petrol stations, water treatment plants and restaurants must be checked every 5 years or at even shorter intervals. 

We carry out independent acceptance inspections for electrical and installation companies.

Floor owners and property management companies can commission us to inspect the entire system. Based on the list of occupants, we take over the scheduling and announcement of the inspection of the entire property. After the electrical inspection, we send the defect reports to the electrical installer and coordinate the elimination of defects with him. 

If you do not have your own electrician, we can put you in contact with an installer and have the defects rectified. 

Installers of photovoltaic systems can commission us with the acceptance of the high voltage side, this for systems up to 30KvA. 

When the property is sold, the sellers are obliged to have the installations inspected, unless the last inspection was less than 5 years ago.

In most cases, these checks must be carried out promptly and during the old owner’s move-out and before the new owner moves in. Thanks to our simple structure, we can quickly and easily find a date and implement the inspection.

On behalf of and exclusively for electricity companies, we carry out spot checks throughout the EW grid, prepare expert reports and carry out long-term measurements. We check the documents sent to us as well as the safety certificates and, following our on-site inspection, prepare a neutral report of defects for the power plant.

Our certified electrical safety consultants take part in several external and internal further training courses. Thanks to these further training courses, we are able to maintain our expertise at the highest level. We have a top measuring equipment inventory which is constantly updated. This guarantees the end customer good measuring results and measuring solutions for all kinds of installations. 

Even with complex requests, our expertise enables us to provide meaningful, legally correct and regulation-based feedback.